COVID-19 Resources

COVID-19 Monitoring, Contact Tracing, Surveillance,

Treatment; Wearing Masks, and Social Distancing.

The coronavirus pandemic motivates many (including us) to see how we can use our abilities for the good of humanity. What can we do to help shorten or diminish this crisis (and prevent future pandemics)?

One approach, followed here, is to provide automated support for tools that were once exclusively manual. In our case, we focus on the task of contact tracing. The goal of contact tracing is to quickly identify individuals who may be virus carriers, before they even show symptoms, so that they may be tested, quarantined, and/or advised to monitor themselves for symptoms. By removing such individuals from the circulating population, the spread of the virus may be diminished.


“The sudden coronavirus outbreak gets everyone’s attention. As there lacks effective drugs and people are easily infected via contact, droplets, etc., worry and panic have been aroused in the public in the USA and other countries. People in the United States of America bear the burden of a dysfunctional and inequitable health system. With an adult population of over 329.45 million, there is a massive gap between healthcare needs and actual COVID-19 provisions and those of the upcoming FLU Season in 2020.”

A significant concern is that each case should be treated according to individual parameters within a potential coronavirus surveillance system. Such a system could be used to monitor and to facilitate surveillance on the infected population. However, the deployment of such a system requires simplicity, flexibility, acceptability, sensitivity, predictably value-positive, representativeness, and timeliness. Provided healthcare provision is being increasingly driven outside clinical settings to community and home; a digital health surveillance system can be facilitated with the growth of mobile technology for improving health and well-being (mHealth). Therefore, there is an unprecedented opportunity to transform the healthcare sector and empower citizens in taking charge of their health.

The iCAREHub also offers an “off-the-grid” Bracelet/Medical Card technology for use in Natural Disasters Emergency Response situations. In contrast with the costly current paper/electronic surveys today; a key factor to success is our iCAREHub comprehensive integrative approach with current Healthcare System’s EMR/EHR technology in a near real-time process, that allows for measuring multiple dimensions of a patient’s medical conditions including most recent COVID-19 health conditions, tests, medical care, monitoring, contact tracing, and surveillance -in a timely unified, secure, and standardized manner by including COVID-19 Population Analysis Dashboards and HOT SPOT Tracing.

In addition to health outcomes and processes, risk assessment indicators, population health management with alerts/notifications using most recent data to monitor progress toward coverage and system improvement in multiple regions is possible.

The iCAREHub has the potential to revitalize old healthcare approaches by partnering with Government Health Agencies and Public Health Agencies, State Government, and private sector organizations to deliver a more holistic community-based model to combat the Coronavirus [COVID-19] Pandemic. The development of a COVID-19 track within the iCAREHub platform will facilitate the monitoring and surveillance of the infected population, This track will improve the delivery of care and provide better population health; bringing modern, innovative thinking, and adding easy to use medical devices for Smartphone use that everyone is familiar with.

Our goal is to deploy this care delivery solution in the United States of America and developing countries worldwide. The COVID-19 iCAREHub’ platform technology also has the potential to become a disruptive tool to generate cost-effective monitoring and surveillance for other infectious diseases.