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There are three important aspects to consider when your company or institution plans to start a training process using the eLearning methodology.


The first one is creating the content because, based on the resources and media select to share your message or knowledge, the platform has to be selected. In many cases, the approach is going the other way around. As you might already know, content is king. However, content for training needs to be clear and easy to digest for your audience, requiring time and effort to create quality content.

The second one is managing your training participants. Sometimes online attendees are not familiar with your methodology, course dynamic, or even the platform itself. And they need a support team that can help them access their courses, and complete the course activities aimed to achieve the educational objectives.

The third one is promoting your educational programs. Based on your participants’ Internal or External, your training program needs to share their message and reach your audience to generate the buzz and motivate them to begin the training and mostly complete the program.

Our goal is to eLearning tools and information for Doctors, Medical Staff, patients, and the general public on what questions to ask when concerns arise from health issues; and especially now, having a checklist of questions needs to be on people’s mind on how to stay self-healthy during a pandemic.

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