Empowering users to take ownership of their health data

A safe and secure, powerful online tool, that allows people all around the globe to share their medical history with a trusted doctor, medical facility, caregiver, or family member.

iCAREHub is a safe, secure, and trusted online solution

COVID-19 Monitoring, Contact Tracing, Surveillance, Treatment; Wear Masks, and Social Distance.

iCAREHub empowers its users to take ownership of their health and to help keep their loved ones healthy during this global COVID-19 pandemic.

By now, people are aware that we all have the social responsibility to inform others if we have tested positive for COVID-19, so that those around us can get tested and seek medical attention. iCAREHub fills this need by providing contract tracing, monitoring, and surveillance which can ultimately save lives.

At this critical moment, iCAREHub is a safe, secure, and trusted online tool by which users can do their part to fight this pandemic together.

iCAREHub Exchange

Our digital health technology, iCAREHub, addresses the critical barriers dictated by the massive gap between healthcare needs and actual COVID-19 provisions. By facilitating simplicity, flexibility, acceptability, sensitivity, predictive value, positive, representativeness, and timeliness.

CARE Medical History Bracelet

The CARE Medical History Bracelet is powerful and the benefits of its use in the health care delivery system will improve your care.

With the CARE Medical History Bracelet and the preloaded CARE e-Manager Software, you can take control of your medical history. This powerful and easy to use software allows you to enter your complete personal health history which you can then easily download to the memory device in the band. 

Chronic & Virtual Care

Population assessment, an accurate understanding of the risks and opportunities for improving health among your populations is key to maximizing clinical and financial performance in an accountable care environment. With the use of TeleMedicine, chat and video, right to the patient’s phone and integrated with the iCAREHub to provide video calls with patients, providing support, supplying the most updated Medical information and now, nurses/care manager, are working as an extender to the primary care physician. Plus, chat messages can be sent to the primary physician and notifying of any alerts (reducing hospital re-admissions).

Fertility Awareness

Fertility Awareness empowers women in reaching their health and fertility goals. Whether you are trying to achieve pregnancy, avoid pregnancy, or just monitor your health, there are many benefits to charting your cycle. Restorative Reproductive Medicine combines the power of cycle charting with an advanced understanding of a woman’s hormonal health. With hundreds of different apps and methods of Fertility Awareness available today, it is essential to transfer your fertility data to your healthcare provider to assist them in your care. 

eLearning & Training

Not every staff member learns the same way. Even though the course content is consistent for all users, e-learning empowers each learner to control the course’s pace. Because of the adaptability that e-learning provides, users can also take the course in an ecosystem that is more conducive to their learning techniques.

iCAREHub solutions empower users to take ownership of their medical and health data.

A safe and secure, powerful online tool that allows people worldwide to share their medical history with a trusted doctor, medical facility, caregiver, or family member.

Fast. Efficient. Accesible. Secure